The ICCyber 2011 will be held in Florianópolis city, Santa Catarina State capital, in Brazil's South region.

There is an official travel agency to provide transportation and accommodation with special conditions to the conference attendees: Açoriana Turismo.

Convention Center

The Convention Center of the capital of Santa Catarina, CentroSul, is located only 13km from the Hercílio Luz International Airport and 500 meters from the city Bus Terminal.

A modern space, versatile and in the best location in town, offering a highly functional infrastructure, can receive up to five events simultaneously. ICCyber will occupy the second floor of the complex with a working area of ​​2.780m².

Know a bit more about Florianópolis

The natural beauties of Florianópolis attract thousands of visitors every year. Mainly in the summer, Brazilian and South American tourists – such as Argentineans, Uruguayans and Chileans – seek the diversity of the coast. In the island can be found, side by side, the most varied types of beaches – the long ones, with large sand strip; the small ones, encrusted in backwaters; those with strong waves; and the ones of calm sea, looking like lagoons; urbanized ones full of bathers; and deserted ones, with access by trail only. It is the paradise for surf, windsurf, sailing and fishing lovers.

The Northern and Central regions of Florianópolis are the mostly sought after by tourists and offer a complete infrastructure of services, resorts, hotels and lodges. In the South, some districts also keep the aspect of countryside villages, and in them one can notice, in their way of speaking, in their handicraft activities, and folkloric feasts – the heritage left by their ancestors from the Portuguese archipelago of Ações, as of the 18th century. On the other side, the city gained a cosmopolitan air with the arrival of Brazilians from other States and foreigners who chose to live there.

The island, which in the beginning of colonization, was an important center for whale hunting, is today the technological pole of the IT industry.

Tourist Capital, Florianópolis is currently inhabited by about 300 thousand people, a number that triples every summer.


Located in the subtropical coastal region, the city offers a nice climate, with the most of the rainfall occurring during the summer – between December and January. In this season of the year, the mean temperature is of 25°C. In July, the coldest month, the mean is 16.4°C. It is common to have short summers between May and August – i.e. the occurrence of a succession of hot days after the first days of the April winter.

City Facts

Capital of the state of Santa Catarina
Region: South
Population: 369,102 inhabitants
DDD: (48)
Brasília: 1,700 km
São Paulo: 700 km
Rio de Janeiro: 1,180 km
Porto Alegre: 460 km

Accommodation / Restaurants

Florianópolis disposes of over a hundred hotels, lodges, flats and chalets for rent, which offer various levels of comfort. The resorts, seaside lodges and small and charming accommodations stand out. They are located mainly on the beaches in the north of the Island. However, there are good options throughout the region.

Seafood is the city’s specialty. The oysters, cultivated in the south of the island can be consumed fresh out of the sea. The shrimp is the favorite aperitif, prepared and served in different ways. Tainha (Mullet) – fished between May and June, is prepared in “escalade” fashion: after salted and dried, it is grilled. Another characteristic of Florianópolis are the simple and cozy restaurants, close to the beaches and maintained by the fishermen. The city also has more sophisticated restaurants, which serve international dishes.

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